Prayer is central to our belief as Christians; it’s our way of communicating, sharing with – talking with – God, as we do in our daily relationships with those around us.


As a congregation we are always pleased to receive prayer requests at any time these are written in our prayer book which is used in every Church Service. Members of our congregation are encouraged to act as a vehicle in communicating prayer requests to the Deacons of the Church in order that they can be include in our prayers of intercession. In addition there is a form on this website that can be used by anyone who wants to ask for a specific prayer to be offered up to Our Lord.

In the future the Church plans to open for one hour every other day of the week to give anyone in the local community an opportunity to ‘pop in’ for a few moments, or spend longer either in silent prayer, or sharing thoughts, concerns or thanksgivings they wish to share with a member of our Prayer Team.

The Prayer Team are Church members who are available to listen to and pray with anyone in confidence when requested to share a joy or sorrow.

Prayer for the Week is accessible on the website HOME page.

World Day of Prayer

This is an annual, worldwide time of prayer and worship (formerly Women’s World Day of Prayer) that has been celebrated every year since 1887. Held on a rota basis in churches in the Chadsmoor area, 2019 it was the turn of Chadsmoor Methodist Church to host. The service was prepared by the women of Slovenia, with the theme “Come everything is ready” from the parable of the Great Banquet (Luke 14:15-24) in which various people declined invitations, so the host sent his servants into the “roads and country lanes” to invite the “poor and lame”.

The 2020 service took place on Friday 6th March at St. Aidan’s Church and was prepared by the women of Zimbabwe on the theme “Rise! Take up your mat and walk” (John 5:8). 2021 will see our own Church host this event and we look forward to a meeting of love and fellowship together.