Welcome to Bethany Baptist Church Chadsmoor

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

Our Church website is a way we can communicate with our congregation and the community, particularly people who want to know about us, what we believe and what goes on in our Church.

We are continually developing it with this in mind and to provide a central source of information for:

  • all our present, past and future congregations
  • anyone who wants to feel part of a fellowship and Worship our Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ but can’t make it to Church
  • someone who is possibly looking for something missing in their life today and could do with someone to talk to
  • anybody who would like us to say a prayer for them or a loved one
  • everyone not included in the above

Our plan is for our website to:

  • provide information on our Church and what happens within the walls of the buildings and how we interact with our local community
  • be as relevant as possible to the world we live in today and to the people of the Chadsmoor, Hednesford and surrounding Cannock area
  • be updated regularly

During this lockdown when we have been unable to worship together our minister Reverend Stephen Jackson (now recently retired) has and continues to produce a series of mini sermons and Bible studies for us. These can be found in ‘Sermons, Video Sermons, Bible studies and Links’ under the heading Media at the top of this page’. These are short and uplifting containing a message for us all and providing everyone that watches them food for thought.

Please take a few minutes to watch these videos and continue to pray for God’s work in our world today and an end to the global pandemic that we all still find ourselves in.

God Bless and Stay Safe